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Heather Armstrong - Fearless Contribution
Heather Armstrong - Fearless Contribution

Heather Armstrong – Fearless Contribution | For the love of music

Fearless Contribution is a Soul album by Canadian musician Heather Armstrong. With ten songs on the album, it has a total runtime of about thirty-five minutes. The EP is a gentle berceuse that inspires, ignites, and incites the listener to believe in themselves. Written by a musician for others of her kind, it urges the artists to chase after their dreams. An open letter to strive and self-actualize, it is Heather’s way of saying one must keep going despite the worst.

The artist – Heather Armstrong

Heather Armstrong hails from a heavily musical family; she admits her family was about to start a band of their own! Raising her kids with the same passion that was endowed to her, she is intertwined into the world of music like an earworm and an Ed Sheeran album. A singer-songwriter, Heather is based out of Nova Scotia, Canada, where she runs the Scotia Music agency for artists that trains them, helps them find work, and promotes them. 

Finding her expressive artistry from iconic legends, namely Alicia Keys, Joss Stone, Annie Lennox, and Aretha Franklin, Heather is in an unavoidable love affair — with Soul. Her debut album drips of this engaging, all-encompassing, and larger than life energy. 

Debut EP – Fearless Contribution

With ten songs on the track list, Fearless Contribution has a runtime of just a little over thirty-five minutes. It starts with an extraordinarily capacious song, Early Rising Rhythm and Blues. This gentle but moving song initiates the awaiting sequence of heartwarming tunes. The themes go from the faith in oneself, to the loneliness tucked away in the dim corners of everyday. For instance, the latter is brought to life with the song Alone in  Diner. A contemplative melody, it is also a symphonic explosion.

The songs consistently rely on humble instruments to engage the listeners with tunes that flow into your ear and right onto your imagination. The artist Heather Armstrong has put together a brilliant band for herself, and those are the people you hear on the recording. This recording  includes Josh “Dramer” Wagner playing Percussion, Stewart Franck on the Bass, along with Alex Buchanan on the piano and organ. 

Towards the last few songs of the album, we once again pick up a more folk vibe. This reminds you of earlier tracks like the acoustic Taking Chances, and it ends with a song titled Insecurity which should tell you about its contents. Lastly, I want to extend a shoutout to the song Bells in the Wind — which was easily my favourite. 

To wind-up

Heather Armstrong dives fearlessly into the unspoken woes which consume musicians and artists, and this open dialogue then becomes her contribution. By opening up herself and exposing her uncertainities and fears, she encourages the listener to accept their own. Acceptance is the first step to take off the surmounting pressure. 

This is Heather Armstrong’s uninhibited, Fearless Contribution — taking one for the team. Her personal values extend to this album which is all about the creative community that experience emotions a little bit more sincerely. She is creating that safe space to express those misunderstood, and sometimes unacknowledged sentiments. And to think she does it in such a soulful, moving way that it feels like a warm, symphonic hug!

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