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Red Bird Rising – My Revolution
Red Bird Rising – My Revolution

My Revolution From Red Bird Rising Is an Artist’s War Cry

It is not seldom that the greatest pieces of resistance are created in art forms. That’s the story of My Revolution from Red Bird Rising. The song outlines an emotional, urgent, and sensitive battle in the time of war. It encapsulates the desire for freedom, and the struggle for liberty that many are fighting for. It is a rock inspired composition that energizingly captures the listeners. Further, it is promising to have Red Bird Rising on the scene with this track that showcases his remarkable musical sensibilities. 

Red Bird Rising is the stage name of Diedrich Donald Weiss, a musician and producer born in Minneapolis. He has written and composed My Revolution as an ode to his Ukrainian roots, also featuring the vocals of Taras Kuznetsov. 

The track opens with the cries of war-torne people of Ukraine, and builds into a curious tune. In the energizing vocals, the singer appeals to the listener that his personal war is beginning in this time of political unrest. He’s called to take down the Russians encroaching at the border. With this, he graples with the reality of pointing a gun at another human being. It is this dilemma and fearful deliberation that is captures in the track My Revolution. At the same time, he is aware that this moment is as poetic as it is terrorizing.

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