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Joyce Martens’s New Release “Today” is an Ode for Life
Joyce Martens’s New Release “Today” is an Ode for Life
Joyce Martens’s New Release “Today” is an Ode for Life

Joyce Martens’s New Release “Today” is an Ode for Life

Joyce Martens is a Netherlands-based singer and songwriter who aims to create meaningful and thought-provoking music. A writer for a long time now, Joyce Martens explored her love for music a little more during the pandemic and stumbled upon the unlimited grace that music has to offer, and its healing power. 

From then on, Martens has ventured forth to explore this suppressed love of hers and create art that is worthwhile and impactful. And this is exactly what she manages to do with her recent release, Today. 

Today is a song that will leave you with a warm feeling in your chest and will become a solace for many. The track, with its ethereal musicality, explores the beauty of the present moment and how we can battle anything by bringing our heart and soul to “today” and experiencing its grace to the fullest. The song will easily soothe you in so many ways. The lyrics are beautiful and create so much impact with their tenderness. But the magic happens when the gorgeous lyrics are concocted with the surreal soundscapes, to bring forth something spectacular. Stellar work has been done on the strings, the violin instills so much life into the song and adds to its goodness. You will fall in love with Marten’s glorious, ardent voice that has a significant contribution to the essence of the track on its own. Stunning vocals will be one of the reasons why you would want to listen to this song again. 

Today, with its brilliant message and stunning soundscapes, feels like a perfect ode for life. 

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