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Cullen The Great Bad Intent
Cullen The Great Bad Intent

Cullen The Great – Bad Intent

Bad Intent by Cullen The Great is a dark, moody song with a beat to die for. If you’ve been following this local legend, you can hear Cullen The Great get better with every next launch. Bad Intent is a solo project that highlights his honed skills after years of hard work.

Cullen The Great is one half of The Lavish Crew which is credited with putting Arizona underground rap on the map. The crew started with nothing but passion for the craft, and now is covered by major media publications for leading initiatives for the local rap community.  The artist has enabled rappers like Tall Tree, T OG., and 3rdOcean to put out killer music by being their mixing mastermind. All the years behind the mixing board have now led to him making some killer beats. 

The track has a fairly slow beat, that does not mean Cullen The Great is slowing down. Bad Intent is an outlet for the anger and madness that births the bad intent. But by humming it and putting it into a tune, Cullen The Great has beaten the beast…. For now.
Further,  the song is a major vibe to let you unleash your truest inner baddie. It is meant for the mornings when you need a pick-me-up, getting you psyched for something big, or just putting your makeup on in the morning!

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