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John Laprade - Giving Up The Ghost
John Laprade - Giving Up The Ghost

John Laprade – Giving Up The Ghost | A City in Five Songs

Nashville-based singer-songwriter John Laprade has lived nine lives, musically. From founding an NYC power-pop outfit, Astro Chicken in the 90s with Barney Miller and Michael Miller to being picked by NY Daily News as the band to watch and also by MOJO MAGAZINE and HITS MAGAZINE, to releasing his solo album, World-Class Faker with a group of zealous friends and releasing his latest album, Giving Up The Ghost, John Laprade has been through it all!

This new EP is a collection of cinematic pop melodies. Its soulful allure and melancholy chronicles the artist’s reluctant departure from his corporatized NYC where he lived for 25 years. Through these five heartfelt musical letters, the artist pays ode to the New York he loved and cherished. Let’s get into it!

Landlocked Lighthouse opens this neo-classical americano-pop album. Led by acoustic strings and vocals, the song is a ruminating spell that is bound by melancholic nostalgia. Doleful cello basslines and violin melodies embellish and soften the emotions contained in the simple lines of guitar. And the warmth in the expressive vocals spills out like ambrosia.

The next song, It’s Alright is a glassy exposition of old memories. Thin leaves of guitar acoustics glint under the irrepressible shine of the vocals. Laprade erects images of old New York, and manifests his resigned sadness by drawing it out of us. Beautiful weaves of harmonies cast a nostalgic mist that makes the heart tender. Followed by the title track, the album gains gumption. Blazing with a rock exhibition of fuzzy riffs and warm basslines, the track scales the sky. The punching beats and soulful vocals drive form an exhilarating partnership. A full on feel-good pop-rock anthem, the track is the perfect mid-point.

Angie’s Got A Way is a bright shining light. Its buoyant melodies and light-hearted vocals lends the song a smooth levity. Covering freeing themes like clemency and moving on, the artist spreads out the melodies to create an expansive soundscape that spans eternally.

Cardboard Boxes concludes the album. This final installment takes us through the inky numbness of goodbyes and ending. Right out of the pages of a journal, the song is incredibly honest and vulnerable. The dejected accusations in the lyrics are heartbreaking as they each spell out the immutable love and affection the artist had for the city. An acoustic orchestra of cello, piano, guitar combine with emotive synths to create an overwhelming bubble of emotion that sticks to the throat.

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