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Carson Aday - Midnight on a Flower Moon
Carson Aday - Midnight on a Flower Moon

Carson Aday – Midnight on a Flower Moon | A universe

Midnight on a Flower Moon is Carson Aday’s latest album. It features nine tracks with a run-time of twenty-six and a half minutes. The genre is Contemporary Rock and the musician has the personality and skillset to deliver exactly what the audience wants. His Elvis Presley looks and George Ezra style, full-breathe vocals mark the making of a star.

The tracklist for Midnight on a Flower Moon is very interesting, and skillfully arranged. While the musician yields Rock as the origin of his body of work, the vastly different songs suggest this is far more than his style: it is his identity. Each song that this album features is just that good; and then again, there are the highlights.

About the Creator

It is only fair to start from the beginning, and this musical story starts with the artist. Carson Aday was about fourteen years old when his gift appeared from almost nowhere. At nineteen years old today, he is a writer and composer who also plays a host of instruments. This includes piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and drums. 

Furthermore, he is also the mastermind behind the eighteen releases from his band Taking Jupiter. Many have been waiting eagerly for the release of his debut solo project Midnight on a Flower Moon which allows him to be his true indie rock self. And now that it is here, I’m pleased to announce it is spectacular. 

Side A

The first four songs of this album are all the ones that get a new listener invested. It features his established hit, She Took Your Heart And Ran which packs an energetic punch. Further, Ode to The Strokes is just that – an ode to The Strokes where the young musician submits at the shrine of this legendary band. He is able to reproduce their style and sound almost hauntingly, yet the song is entirely his. Overall, the first half of this album does not hold back on the essentials: electrifying riffs to get you rocking, melodies that strum something in your heart, and the demonstration of lyrical prowess that is a mandate to true Rock.

Everybody Digs Carson Aday

The song Everybody Digs Carson Aday is placed right in the middle of the tracklist at number five. And why do I consider it a highlight? Due to its soundscape that flips in and out of focus, the self-reflective nature of the composition, and then the cinematic instrumental which gives Carson Aday’s piano skills all of the thunder. It is the one stand-out song, the pièce de résistance of the album. It captures and comments on the emotional condition of a person who grows up learning to please and perform. And while it is far from tragic, there is a significant bunch to unravel on this one.

Side B

Opening with the album’s namesake, the second half of the album is vibrant yet mellow. Is it cliche to pick the Midnight on a Flower Moon as my favorite? Well, it is my favorite anyway. I’m utterly impressed with the young artist’s diverging skills and profound reflections. With a roar of energy in the middle, the album comes to its end with Selah. And the song is mellow and gentle, rocking you to a remembrance of where all music comes from – the heart.

To conclude, I’d simply say that the young dreamer who was once hailed a child prodigy for his skills with the keys has officially grown to live up to the expectations. 

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