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Phillip Good - LET THE SONG CRY
Phillip Good - LET THE SONG CRY

Phillip Good – LET THE SONG CRY | Feelings aren’t selfish

LET THE SONG CRY is the latest song from Phillip Good, a musician based out the southern states of Ohio to Florida. Played on the acoustic guitar, the song has a looping trap beat which allows the singer’s vocals to have a rap-like delivery. Yet the earnestness of the guitar takes you back to 2000s pop. Despite having a conventional pop structure with verses followed by choruses, the song spins the traditional approach. The verses roll through with the full-bodied instrumental, but the chorus is where Phillip Good’s vocals take the forefront.

Phillip Good is a thirty-six years old singer and songwriter. He enjoys country music, RnB, Hip Hop, and pop. These genres have a very evident impact on his music. For instance, LET THE SONG CRY sonically has RnB and Hip Hop elements while the lyrics themselves have a touch of country.

LET THE SONG CRY is an almost cheesy love song. However, with a melody that hooks the listener, you barely register it the first time you listen to it. Singing to his love interest, the singer is disappointed that she is wasting her time. Her partner does not value her or treat her how she deserves to be treated. Fortunately, the singer sees this. And unlike a self-centered prick, he only wants her to wipe her tears. He tells her to instead let the song cry – this one or the ones she’s listening to. 

Listen to LET THE SONG CRY by Phillip Good:

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