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HNTRS-The Crown
HNTRS-The Crown
HNTRS-The Crown

HNTRS-The Crown | Throne of nails & gore

They might have only 2 songs in their arsenal, but it speaks plenty. HNTRS are a metal project that are spread liberally thin on how they redefine this genre. They explore, create, revisit and abolish all thought of your previous understanding of what this style of music might be. That’s why they comfortably create their own throne, and wear The Crown. This is their latest single.

If defined as an audio-visual experience, The Crown is a slow-burn thriller. Building with heavy, resonant strings selectively impacting your train of thought. The vocals are suppressed, and slowly rise to create a whisper as the drums build in, With true Danny Carey style galloping drum beats, TOOL is channeled well in this song. Undertow years to be precise. The vocals have the crunch to offset the killer riff that comes in close to the 3 minute mark. The long chord changes are reflective of Adam Jones’ string techniques, while the bass chugs on the riff.

Loosely, I would define this as acid metal, with the sludge groove as well as soul of metal being imbibed. This track is an exciting number by HNTRS, with each member entering the fore with a specialized skill set to offer. The end is especially like TOOL’s summer hit, Invincible, which was one of the highlights of their project. Bands like this will change the game. Slash & Burn was their previous single, residing on groove mountain as well. Check out their singles here:

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