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Matya Nobody's Home
Matya Nobody's Home
Matya Nobody's Home

Matya’s ‘Nobody’s Home’ Delivers a Swanky Alt Pop Rock Dream

Indie alt-rock pop musician Matya’s debut single, “Nobody’s Home,” is a mid-tempo gem that effortlessly blends clean guitar licks, rounded basslines, and apt drums. This track channels the spirit of 90s alternative pop-rock icons like Alanis Morisette and PJ Harvey, while also carving out its unique niche in the music landscape.

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From the very start, her detached vocals set the tone, drawing listeners into her sonic universe. The indie-style clean guitar licks, the prominent rounded bassline, and the well-executed drums provide a solid foundation for the song’s rich musical tapestry. The lyrical prowess shines through as she invites us to explore her world, filled with rose-colored lenses and dreamy atmospheres. Her poetic lyrics, co-written by Matya herself along with John Velasquez and John J. Fox, beautifully complement the song’s introspective mood.

The trippy music video, directed by Matya and Samantha Rose, adds another layer to the song’s appeal. It perfectly captures the essence of “Nobody’s Home” and enhances the overall experience. The artistic vision is quite innovative. Her avant-rock sound and attempt at defying categorization do fuel some interesting music. The song is an invitation to dream and lose oneself in its enchanting groove.

With its catchy hooks and nostalgic vibes, “Nobody’s Home” is in many ways a generational anthem for countercultural rebels who dare to challenge what’s common. This debut is promising, and we can’t wait to hear more from her. So, hit play, close your eyes, and get ready to soar “higher than the white sky” with Matya.

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