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Max M – Coming Through | High on Energy

Max M’s love for music began when he was a teenager, DJing and composing. He later turned to computer science, which led to a successful career. However, at the age of 40, he decided to return to his first love – music. Since then, he has been attending piano lessons and production classes to prepare for his comeback. And it has certainly paid off – Max M is now a successful Pop/Dance music producer with a distinct sound that has earned him a loyal following. We’re sure that his passion for music will continue to bring him success in the years to come.

Max’s “Coming Through” is a bop! The first thing that hits you when you hear Max M’s new track “Coming Through” is how different it is from anything else you’ve heard. It’s not just a song about love or heartbreak; it’s a song about life and what it means to make it through the hardest parts of it. The lyrics are relatable and inspiring. The song has one of those addictive melodies that you can’t get out of your head once you’ve heard it. It’s also got an infectious beat that will have you dancing around your room all day long. The track opens with a powerful energy which then transitions into an aggressive electro-pop riff backed by pulsating synths that accentuate the urgency of vocals as she sings: “Coming through for you.” In addition to its relatable lyrics and compelling writing style, this song also succeeds at mixing disparate styles together in such a way that makes it seem as though these disparate styles had always been there all along—like they were meant to be combined. If you’re looking for a song that will lift your spirits and make you feel good, then “Coming Through” is definitely the one for you!

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