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Alex Zethson –  Room With A View | Calmness in the City

Swedish pianist and keyboardist Alex Zethson is a versatile musician who performs with a number of different groups. He has a particular affinity for playing solo but is also comfortable performing with other artists like Sven Wunder and Mariam the Believer. Zethson is also the founder of Thanatosis produktion, a label that focuses on organizing concerts. His wide-ranging skills and experience make him a highly sought-after musician in the Swedish music scene.

 Now Alex has come up with a new single “Room With A View.” From the first note, the melody transports you to a tranquil atmosphere! I find this song very charming and peaceful. The melody is gentle, which makes it easy to listen to on its own. Acoustic guitars and synth chords blend with the keyboard to give this a blissful atmosphere. I like lullabies, so I especially enjoyed this track, since it reminded me of being tucked into bed when I was a young child. The mood of the song combined with its relaxing tone makes it perfect for a lazy summer afternoon or evening. I was so taken by the melody, that I just closed my eyes and let the music do its magic. It’s like Alex is telling me everything that he feels about this music and how much it means to him—the joy in his soundscape is palpable. The song is very calm and peaceful, but also incredibly gripping. We’re taken on an amazing journey through the landscape of this song’s composition. It is as if he knew exactly what I needed: calmness, beauty, and peace of mind. It will captivate you from its first note, and make you envision a romantic interlude. All in all, it’s a relaxing trigger for your brain – I recommend it!

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