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Love Ghost-Dope Man
Love Ghost-Dope Man
Love Ghost-Dope Man

Love Ghost create rock & hip-hop fusion with their latest single featuring DJ Switch Ghana & Camidoh , “Dope Man”

Love Ghost are one of the best indie collaborators on the planet right now. Their music has always broken the barriers of what traditionally musicians sing about. Forming a deep connection with their audience, the melting pot of genres they have created is nothing short of brilliant. Their latest single creates that same magnanimous sound with collaborations from DJ Switch Ghana and Camidoh. This is Dope Man. 

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Love Ghost fuse red hot elements again

What stands out is the eclectic percussion game in this song. DJ Switch Ghana makes his sound heard, and influences the very texture of the sound. The repeating guitar riff is something that has become synonymous with Love Ghost and theur lyrical leverage. When the dance beat comes in, you feel yourself grooving and singing the lyrics. One of their best choruses in my opinion comes in with Dope Man. Rock geysers open from the crust of this track to make an unlikely circumstance of sound. I have never heard it before, didn’t even think it was possible. The final result is an incredibly catchy and poignant track that encrusts, within itself-the words you need to elevate. Carry on with that rush of energy, it is worth the wait. 

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In 3 months, I have heard around 5-6 different Love Ghost songs. All different flavours, genres and still true to what they believe in their love for music. Some of the most exciting songs of recent times are from their catalogue, so follow and listen to their songs here:

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