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Geez Louise – Bury the Lead | Indie Ballad with Clean Shoegaze Linings

Geez Louise is an indie rock group from Nashville, Tennessee. Their song Bury the Lead is the final track from their latest debut EP Candy Bruise. The band is fronted by vocalist Sierra Torres and lead guitarist Nick Jude, who together founded the act in 2019. Geez Louise also consists of Eli Slaughter on bass and Tyelen Gibbs on the drums. They have a sonic palette that is reminiscent of the vintage yet shines with a streak of the modern. Their music seems like a blend of The Shins and a brighter Arctic Monkeys.

The song begins with a simple kick-snare beat and a recurring clean guitar arpeggio lick. Smooth heavenly vocals by Torres and delightful harmonies to add to them then enter the track. The synth bass which is placed deep in the low end hovers behind the vocals and rhythm guitar to a wondrous effect. Eventually, we get to hear some other synth guitar effects which sound stunning. The outro vocal harmonies with the reverb paradise of layering sound form the musical climax of the song to a clean shoegaze effect.

The highlight of the song is the amazing clean guitars and vocal harmonies. Thematically, the song has its genesis in the burial of the least appealing aspects of a person when you first get acquainted with them. As we get to know them more, the more disappointed we get with those aspects. The compiled effect of these makes it an alluring and marvelous song. Bury the Lead is a readily appealing song with fuzzy reverbs used to give you a hazy sense of the unexpected.

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