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Apollo Rising – Where Are We Going | Compelling Thoughts

Apollo Rising‘, an alternative electronic duo, just released a new song called ‘Where Are We Going‘, which takes you on a voyage of discovery in a world of uncertainty. The writing has a sense of trust in it, and it gives us a true conversational experience. Danick Coutu, a producer, pianist, and performer, and drummer Colvin Gallant, both from Ottawa, Canada, make up the pair. For me, I believe the songwriting has a significant influence on how we perceive the piece and, as a result, we begin to appreciate the other parts of the track, such as the groove or mood. The song is well-structured overall, and the chorus has a quality that reverberates long after the song has ended.

The retro synth tones brilliantly combined with the Disco Funky Groove, which is given even more punch by the movement of the bass, was one of my favourites. The Keys show up at pivotal times and give the song a fantastic atmosphere. The song is amplified by the arpeggiated components interspersed throughout. Overall, I really liked how all of these colours come together to produce a full image that evokes powerful emotions and is accompanied by musical elements that would captivate even the most sophisticated ears. I am convinced that the song’s enticing vibe will tempt listeners to groove to it and truly immerse themselves in the domain of such beautiful resonant performances.

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