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“Let Common Sense Prevail” by Linda Sussman Ignites a Call For Change!

Linda Sussman and her song, “Let Common Sense Prevail,” has a power that cuts through the noise and pierces your soul. Artists have always possessed a power to touch hearts, awaken our spirits, and give voice to our deepest emotions. This is exactly what Linda Sussman has done with her latest song “Let Common Sense Prevail!”

Linda touches on a very grave and devastating topic of gun violence in her song “Let Common Sense Prevail.” Her soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, literally make you feel the weight of the broken lives and shattered dreams she describes. They carry a deep sense of conviction and empathy, which stir a strong desire for action. Her brilliant songwriting is a rallying cry. She urges us to come together, rise above our differences, and find common ground to create a safer world. With each verse, Sussman’s voice grows stronger, carrying a mix of determination and vulnerability. She’s not just merely singing a song; she’s pouring her heart out, hoping to inspire compassion and ignite a movement for change.

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The music perfectly complements the gravity of the message she seeks to convey. The song has a stripped down arrangement with her guitar becoming an extension of her voice. The playing is as exceptional as her singing. Her playing style reflects a deep reverence for the blues genre, displaying her skill and authenticity. As her fingers glide along the fretboard, Sussman brilliantly incorporates bluesy slides. The resonant twang of her instrument creates a captivating atmosphere while her delicate fingerpicking is accompanied with bold and expressive strumming. The tasteful licks she inserts throughout the song perfectly enhance the emotion of the song.

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Through her song, Linda Sussman has become a voice for the voiceless. It makes us believe that the power of art can help us find solace, strength, and the courage to create a better world. Don’t forget to check out her song here!

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