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Mark Wink - The Light
Mark Wink - The Light

Mark Wink – The Light

If you’ve ever wondered about the sound of light, this new release, The Light, by Mark Wink is for you. The artist euphonizes light using an astral soundscape that is bound to mesmerize you. With dance driven beats and dynamic basslines, the track is in a constant state of motion, sweeping through the universe within the mind to leave a trail of moving bodies.

The objective of the track was to capture the humbling largesse of the light that drives everything in the universe, illuminating paths, transforming bare elements to create life and give them a purpose. Known for his cosmic sonics and supernatural mystique, the artist goes above and beyond to realize his artistic vision.

The rhythm design of this track is a beautiful thing. It is made up of drastic inclines, devastating planes, and dramatic declines. And to see how the artist uses them to contract the canvas to infinitely expanding it is a humbling delight. It is visceral, raw, and hypnotic.

An unearthly, angelic voice beckons, arms wide open, leading us to the brink of epiphanies. And when you spill over, you’re swept up by the wind of dance beats, floating amidst asteroids and streaking comets on the wings of racing synths. Come experience the universe of light with this confounding track!

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