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Guido Hermans | That's yours | Straigh from the underground | Electronic | Hypnotic electronic
Guido Hermans | That's yours | Straigh from the underground | Electronic | Hypnotic electronic

Guido Hermans – That’s Yours | Hypnotic Electronic

Guido Hermans is a Dutch dance music producer who makes some hypnotic dance floor oriented electronic music. His style varies from old school trance to progressive to sometimes techno and even chill out! His latest release ‘That’s yours’ is packed with energy with a powerful bass-line. Guido Hermans claims to make music only as a passion and as an outlet for his creativity.  Music that an artist makes purely out of passion and not with just to please their audience stands a class apart.

‘That’s yours’ starts off hard with the bass-line punching in right from the beginning. Whispers are wandering across my head as the track progresses. A very cool effect chain on the vocal creates this crazy feeling of the voice whispering from all around. The bass-line itself is accompanies by a synth lead-line that goes throughout the track.

It’s a very hypnotizing track that seems to take you on a very intimate journey within. The vocals are not clear which is very artistic because it leaves it to the listener’s imagination. The percussions amplify the dance-floor viability of this track. Even though at times there are quite a lot of layers of sound, the spatial arrangement of the sounds is admirable.

The break halfway through the track is really well crafted with some hypnotic synth leads. The vocals pour into the mix here again and drag the listener into a hypnotic world of spirals. What an amazing experience! I really enjoyed the vocals and I feel that it sets the vibe for the whole track. There is a lot of influence from old school Goa trance in this track. The psychedelic environment that the vocals and bass-line create is comparable to some really early Goa trance. Most of the sounds are really old fashioned and bring in a gush of nostalgia. Amazing job by Guido Hermans!

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