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NDNA-Sunrise | Implosive

NDNA qualifies as many things, and a soul-infiltrator should be one of them. With his infectious and ridiculously well produced hip-pop and lo-fi tracks, this artist has found a niche people take a lifetime to find or carve. The latest single is Sunrise, a melodic afterthought that marinates into an anthem of sorts. All credits to that production and writing.

All of NDNA’s singles have released this year. This is the fourth one, after Benefit and Overdrive. With an experimental track like Rolling trying to find his footing, in just 4 tracks you can summate this energy. Explosive bass punctuates what will be a catchy hook. The melody is a repressed synth form that mellows out in the background. For this track, minimal lyrics and maximum sound work keep you hooked. The production makes sure you’re getting your time’s worth with massive swings and sharp turns within the sounds, ironed out to detail.

Production isn’t his only forte. The songs NDNA makes are simple, catchy and memorable. It is relatable to anyone that listens, it doesn’t overdo any work. The aim of said song is to enjoy a certain moment, and that is all it delivers lyrically. Enjoy the other complexities of his arrangement and engineering slowly diving into the seconds of the song.

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