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The Kelly Line – Manifesto | Honest Thoughts

Mike and Ben comprise ‘The Kelly Line’, a father-son musical duo who recently released their new album ‘Manifesto‘.  The words and performances on the album are full of passion and honesty. The thoughts that are highly pertinent and appropriately incorporated into the songs are indeed very impressive. The songs are simple in terms of arrangement, and the composition and lyrics become the album’s central component, which keeps us fascinated throughout.

The album opens with a song called ‘Manifesto I+II,’ which is full with profound ideas conveyed in an optimistic manner. The atmosphere that the music creates is really stunning. The ambience noise gives the tune a distinct personality. Even when the arrangement is full, it has a huge effect and creates a lot of excitement in the room, which works wonders for keeping us, the listeners, interested. The vocal delivery is emotive, bringing the meaning of the words to the foreground. With the energetic drumming and passionate vocals on the next tune, ‘Roll Back the Calendar,’ the energy really gets cranked up. The songwriting has a high level of involvement, which keeps us in tune with the piece. The modulation it has in the beginning truly adds a surprise aspect to the song, which is extraordinary. I enjoyed how lively the song’s vibe is; it’s definitely setting the proper tone for the album.

The following song, ‘What Gives You the Fucking Right?‘, features aggressive vocals that truly resonated. The song asks a lot of difficult questions and makes you think about a lot of stuff, which is commendable. I was blown away by how energetic the vocal performance sounded throughout the piece. The arrangement is kept simple, and the performance is full of vitality. I adored the song’s last portion, which truly makes it stand out. The melody of the next song, ‘I Never Promised You Flowers,’ was fantastic. The song is really well-written, and the music perfectly complements the lyrics. Though this has a simple arrangement, the strumming of the guitars has a powerful effect on us. The vocal delivery is flawless and has the proper vibe to keep us glued to the tune till the very end. The chorus nailed the dynamics that make us contemplate the significance of the words.

With the new ‘Gravy Train‘, the writing continues to wow me. The way the lines lead up to the chorus is very stunning. The framework has a certain charm to it that will keep the listeners in a good mood. It’s amazing to watch the fun with the words. The flow is so natural and lovely. The vocal delivery reflects a lot of passion and emotion, and it truly gets under our skin. The string section is yet another element that has a tremendous emotional impact. ‘Where Do the Poets Go?‘ is the next tune, and it has a beautiful arc in the writing. The arrangement becomes more appealing, and the drum, in particular, amplifies the excitement. The electric guitar also adds a lot of high-spirited energy to the song, which is incredible. The vocal performance remains excellent, and we are soon treated to a guitar solo, which adds to the excitement. The horn section also offers another very delicate touch towards the end of the piece, which creates a really subtle transition in the arrangement.

Groundhog Day’ once again exposes some of the world’s most unjust facts. The level of intensity rises dramatically. The vocal performance’s emphasis on the words adds to the weight of the words. The inclusion of a monologue in the song adds a significant impact. Writing such strong words needs guts and great observation, both of which should be commended and appreciated by the listeners. With such honesty in the writing, new ways to describe innermost thoughts would blossom. ‘Bells‘, the next track, continues to ring out fierce debates into the surroundings. The songs are composed without any filters and with pure honesty, which is truly astounding. The writing truly reflects the author’s personality, which is incredible. Finally, the record comes to a close with ‘Manifesto III’, which is optimistic and positive. The arrangement features numerous layers of guitars as well as percussion, which help to maintain the momentum. The horn part has a fantastic motif. The songwriting continues to remain outstanding, and it’s the album’s prominent focus. Another aspect that I believe is incredibly strong and hits the appropriate chord into the vibe is the vocal performances. I’m confident the compositions would hit a nerve with listeners.

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