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giles et diego - dance be happy - radio edit
giles et diego - dance be happy - radio edit

Make a Difference With Music: Giles et Diego’s ‘Dance Be Happy-Radio Edit’ Supports the Batwa Community

Meet Giles et Diego, the dynamic French duo set to create waves in the global dance music scene. The exceptional artists joined forces after a chance encounter on a Tunisian beach, sharing a passion for deep and melodic house music. Giles and Diego both have over a decade of expertise in electronic music, and they combine their diverse backgrounds to come up with a compelling blend of profound and energetic vibes. Giles, who has always had a passion for electronic music, complements Diego, a seasoned drummer, and DJ with a talent for delivering addictive grooves. They are sure to set any dance floor on fire!

The duo has released a new single, “Dance Be Happy- Radio Edit .” The classic delivers an irresistible beat while radiating a relaxing ambiance. As the electronic house music gradually builds up, you know you are in for a treat. When the bassline kicks in, accompanied by pulsating drum beats and shining synths, the pinnacle of euphoria unfolds.

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The variations of synth work in this song, along with keys, make up for a great experience, adding to the whole trippy atmosphere. I also loved the incorporation of cheerful vocals and tribal beats, shifting the song’s mood from hypnotic to delightful.  This song is a must-have on your next house or pool party playlist! Or perhaps when you want to rejuvenate your mind with some transcending music!

Apart from its immense sonic appeal, the song has a noble cause. Every download and stream of “Dance Be Happy- Radio Edit” helps the Batwa community in Uganda by providing them with the necessary supplies. Amazingly, Robert Stephenson, the genius behind Climate Actions Now, has given his full backing to this charitable initiative. With such an inspiring cause behind it, there’s every reason for you to lose. Listen to “Dance Be Happy” by Giles et Diego and join the movement for positive change.

More details here: https://www.giles-et-diego.com/dance-be-happy-children-uganda

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Enjoy listening to “Dance Be Happy- Radio Edit” by Giles et Diego here.

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