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‘Proklaim’ing rap greatness: Proklaim, on ‘all eyez’

Hailing from Namibia, Proklaim is one emcee that has been making waves in the hip-hop industry with his fresh, energetic rhymes laid atop a sound that only reminds me, time and again, of a glorious era of hip-hop. With ‘all eyez’, Proklaim adds another feather to his cap, and here’s why.

Fast getting known for a fresh, flowing sound in all of the verses he pens, Proklaim’s vocal delivery here is the show’s star. Maintaining a high energy while delivering thought-provoking verses with panache, he effortlessly flows between the verses and the chorus-rich, addictive hook– with intricate rhyme schemes ruling the show here; a mark of his fantastic writing skills.

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Production has always been a big part of hip-hop– sampling tracks that one may expect last in records of this genre has been one of the more underrated signatures of this genre, and the production of the beat here makes sure that goes on, doing full justice to his vocals while vocal chops, great triplet fills made with what sounds like a synth so delectably programmed, coupled with a delightfully old-school, swing-heavy percussion element keep me bobbing my head in rhythm, not missing a bar as I constantly found me racing to the beat while tapping out the keystrokes that make this review.

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Tons of layers blended excellently with a skilled pair of ears behind the console make this mix what it is from a technical perspective. The mixing work is par excellence here, with the perfect amounts of energy, dynamics, width, and just enough drama happening in the mix to make this a certified bop. I loved listening to ‘all eyez’ by Proklaim! It gets my two-thumbs-up recommendation, and you should check out the track here:

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