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Klen-Down the Pen
Klen-Down the Pen
Klen-Down the Pen

Klen-Down the Pen | Feel the vinyl scratch

Have you ever wondered like me, I wish I was old enough to go for the original Woodstock? Sometimes I’m glad I live amongst these sea of phones so that I can never use my brain again. Sometimes, listening to The Monkees and The Kinks on those records is all I want. Thankfully, Klen have a time machine and their sound is a revival of those times. This is their latest single, Down the Pen.

In case you were wondering, what is this mysterious sound this amateur writer talks about? I have the answer for you. Imagine crunchy, honey soaked guitar strings, not mutilated by distortion. A drum sound that is there to support, not show-off. A bass that keeps up a catchy chorus in the background. The band singing in unison, second vocals are necessary. The riff here brings down the house, straight from a Kinks song. The singer goes into Elvis mode now and then, and it is bang for the buck. If you’re preparing to go for their concert, get your bel-bottoms out.

The source of all this energy and pseudo-nostalgia might be simple. We live in kind of shitty times, so why not go back. To a time where our parents were doing the boogie. This songs is from that time, and it comfortably does the jump back. The essence is old but the style is theirs. We can’t wait to hear more from Klen, and it might not be a long wait.

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