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Abby London - Miss Him The Most
Abby London - Miss Him The Most

Abby London – Miss Him The Most | Longing

The music of Abby London appears as though it is a stream of consciousness, developing and morphing into the depths of itself as it goes along. It shies away from immodest humblebrag and braggadocio and presents a version of the American singer-songwriter that is truly and quintessentially unique, particularly when she adds sound to the beautiful rhythm of her poetry.

The singer-songwriter appears back on her discography, showing signs of life since the release of her previous 2021 track Bushes. As a musician, Abby London develops her pre-existing set of skills with the release of her latest track Miss Him The Most. At a characteristic level, Miss Him The Most is a melancholic piano-driven unstructured ballad sung in woe towards the loss of someone. The unstructured and abstract element of the track presents itself with a sense of humanity that is often lost in lovelorn numbers, as London weaves her tapestry of words to describe the highs and lows of an erstwhile relationship.

Almost an autumnal essence to it, Miss Him The Most features exemplary vocal phrasing that guides the vocal performance through the nooks of the track. Featuring some of London’smost soulful and empathetic vocal performances, Miss Him The Most is an essential swan song for discovering the emotions associated with loss and grieving. 

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