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Kaylin Cervini - Bubble
Kaylin Cervini - Bubble

Kaylin Cervini – Bubble | Thematic

There are not many artists starting out in the world whose vocal abilities are as emotive, introspective and self-assured as that of Kaylin Cervini.

Already having paved the way for some preliminary success with her previous singles such as Naked, Slow Motion and Someone You Loved, Kaylin Cervini updates her discography with the release of her latest track Bubble. For a span of four minutes, Cervini manages to recognize some of the most contagious and critically acclaimed elements of infectious electronic pop music and manages to make it her own in her latest track. Thematically, Bubble is both inspirational and saddening, flirting with themes of both near-resurrection-like successes while also being fully aware of the impending consequences of over-familiarity.

The track is held together through multiple elements in the arrangement; besides Cervini’s epic vocals that seem to contend with some chart-toppers across the globe, the track also features moody synth waves that wash over the track, crescendoing percussion and a ridiculously contagious EDM-like chorus — all of which become the most celebrated elements of the number.

Bubble is upbeat, without making it an overly optimistic track but also understandably morbid in its theme — a combination that sets a great balance for a stellar track of this kind. 

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