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POLYDRIVE - Not Me Anymore
POLYDRIVE - Not Me Anymore

POLYDRIVE – Not Me Anymore | Evolution

Two brothers from Tulsa make melodies to document their musical journey, gathering an audience of dedicated listeners while they are at it. POLYDRIVE make a return to their discography following their single Need You To Want Me from 2020, with their latest single Not Me Anymore.

At its most thematic level, the fresh track is a romantic lovesick indie-pop groove, charting out into heart-wrenching lyrics that highlight the hurdles of nascent love. Not Me Anymore opens up with melancholic synth waves, made even more enjoyable and lovelorn with the vocal performances akin to some of the best indie-pop evolutions the world has heard — think Peach Pit playing a 5 Seconds of Summer track.

In a delicious mixture of acoustic rhythm and electronic synth, the two brothers manage to string together a soundscape demanding an emotional response, which to be fair is not exactly lax from anyone listening to this track past a certain hour. POLYDRIVE posits the ability to evoke melancholic nostalgia, making even an oldie go back to their school or college days to think about shenanigans of many years past. Where POLYDRIVE goes from here on out is an interesting process, but they have got us on their listener’s radar. 

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