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Neepz & Kabasi – Soul Steady Rock

Neepz, emerges from Calypso as an auspicious new singer, songwriter, DJ, and producer who is a magician with his music. He was raised in a culture where dance and music was a huge part of his life, this is where his flame sparked for music. He is bringing about a new-generation style of innovative Caribbean music. Kabasi is an artist that will seep into your skin making you feel weightless. The way they both create a whole different vibe with their track is pretty amazing.

Both of these exquisite artists recently came together to create a music that will elevate your mind, body, and soul. The track is named ‘Soul Steady Rock’ and as the name suggests, the track is a steady soul rap which is so hypnotic that it will take you to a whole different realm where the silver lining between reality and mirage blurs. Both these artist have created a masterpiece that you can listen to in any mood and end up in joy. the track projects some intricate musical powers through it’s on point element curation. The punchy drums will get you in a groove while the soothing melodies will carry your heart to a higher plane. This is surely one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while that portrays some ecstatic reggae music. The bouncy vibe of the track compels the listeners to start dancing.

This is a track that you should really listen to if you love steady soul rock music. Listen to ‘Soul Steady Rock’ by Neepz and Kabasi-

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