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Jonathan Shapiro – IDGAF

Jonathan Shapiro who is also known as Th3rtyThr33 is a young artist who is 20 years old and has been creating rap music since he was 13. He is 20 years now and is perusing his dreams with more passion than ever. His music seems to break all the barriers of the contemporary music and takes it into a whole new era. His tracks are so innovative that it will surely blow your mind away. His tracks revolve around his life experiences that are so profound for an artist this young. His tracks are a perfect example of how beautifully lyricism and musicality goes hand in hand to become a masterpiece.

I recently came across his new release which is named ‘IDGAF’ which is a perfect track to help you move on. The track is not only lyrically strong but also shows some bold musical features. This is one of those tracks that is so innovative that it will blow your mind away. ‘IDGAF’ is full of experimental plays throughout the track. The reverse kicks make the beat sound so impactful. The vocal mixing is so beautifully done that my heart melts every time I listen to this track. This masterpiece is something that is truly going to live on for ages to come. Do give this track a go and trust me that you won’t regret it. You will surely fall in love with this amazing artist.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track ‘IDGAF’ by Jonathan Shapiro here-

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