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Junk - Chromatose
Junk - Chromatose
Junk - Chromatose

Junk – Chromatose | Treat to the keen listeners

If you are a keen listener of music and fond of exploring different soundscapes, then the latest and debut EP by Junk, Chromatose, is a perfect choice. This five-song EP boasts a plethora of catchy grooves and intriguing melody lines that keep you hooked throughout the listening experience. It is an intense ride through a constantly evolving sonic universe and a worthwhile exploration for the listeners.

Through Chromatose, Junk, the two-member musical collective, showcases the sheer brilliance of their sonic artistry by blending Jazz and Funk with elements of several other genres. The overall sound of the EP is something you usually do not get to hear much, which is why it gives a feeling of freshness and adds variance to the musical horizons of the listeners. Another exciting feature of this EP is that every song has fantastic groove plays, and you can’t help but make some moves while you listen.

An exploration of the sonic wilderness!

Chromatose starts with the title track, which hooks you right from the beginning. The song boasts impactful musical elements involving intense brass sections, tight, groovy drum parts, sudden surprise elements with heavily distortion-driven guitars, and more. The second song, None Other Than Dirty D, is a chill song with beautiful saxophone melodies played over a mellow groove with occasional drum elements that catch the listener’s attention every now and then.

Chill Pill is the following track, and this song brings to the table some of the most skillfully played, groovy, creative bass lines. Besides that, another attraction of the song is the saxophone line that plays over the bass, along with the beautiful synth lines that make you close your eyes and feel the sound. The next song, Blow, is again a highly bass-driven song where the instrument adds sheer awesomeness to the wonderful and intriguing rhythm section and happens to be the centerpiece of attraction.

The EP ends with its final track Frogadelic, and as the name suggests, there are sounds of a frog’s croak, used as musical elements in the song. The rhythm of this song is very catchy, and the percussions add beautiful colors to the tribal-music-inspired rhythms. Overall the sixteen-minute thirty seconds long EP, Chromatose is an absolute treat to listeners, and once you listen, you will perhaps add it to your playlist. Check out the EP here:

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