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Chucky Trading Co - Sleepwalking Through History | Exuberant 
Chucky Trading Co - Sleepwalking Through History | Exuberant 

Chucky Trading Co – Sleepwalking Through History | Exuberant 

Chucky Trading Co is a musical undertaking of Laurel Canyon, CS Taber, and Everett Young who together have been creating musical magic since 2021 with their first album release. Their great professional and personal bonding reflect through the wonderful songs that they create together. 

This time, Chucky Trading Co is back with the release of yet another heartfelt number called Sleepwalking Through History. 

The song is a stunning refreshment in the world of upbeat pop music. With rick folk rock elements, the song gets a unique countryside vibe that will infuse nostalgia for rock lovers. The sounds are simply exquisite with nuanced, raw, fresh, and intriguing melodies that lure you into listening to it on a loop. The song is a classic take on the folk-rock genre yet feels contemporary in a lot of ways too. The balance between retro and modern is so on point that it gives a sense of artistic satisfaction. Music that stays with its listener is rare. Music that intrigues the listener beyond the superficialities and the momentous pleasure is rare. But Sleepwalking Through History is that rare piece of art that is quite promising in itself and has a lot of potential to do exactly that; stay with the listener. For a long time. 

The unforgettable charisma of the track is what intrigued me the most. This is a song you could listen to just to uplift your mood and senses. While soaking in the winter afternoon sun, or while cooking a delicious meal, it fits all and serves all.

You shouldn’t miss out on this one!

Listen to the song right here: 

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