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Soná – Fighting Demons to Love EP| Soulful Journey Through Love and Emotion

Soná, the musical mastermind behind the soulful and mesmerizing tunes, is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Australia and now calls London home. With a diverse range of musical influences, including artists like Ben Howard, Ry X, and Damien Rice, Soná has created a distinct and unparalleled sound that will leave you hooked. Aaron Ray AKA Soná, is an emerging talent who is capturing the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere. Get ready to be captivated by his exceptional talent and be transported to a world of musical bliss.

Soná brings us an amazing “Fighting demons to love EP” with 5 songs.

The soulful melody of “Calling” beckons listeners with a gentle strum of the guitar. Captivating vocals of Soná then join the fray, painting a picture of a world waiting to be explored. As the soundscape unfolds, it’s as if one is embarking on a journey to uncharted territories. The chorus arrives like a gust of fresh air, surprising and invigorating. With its powerful riffs and enchanting beat, “Calling” launches the release with an aura of captivating energy, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in Soná’s musical universe.

“To Trust Again” casts a spell of serenity with its dreamy guitars. Soná’s vocals are a mesmerizing force, possessing a distinct quality that sets them apart. The memorable hook, “Fighting demons to love,” is an irresistible invitation to sing along. This track, my personal favorite on the album, tugs at the heartstrings with its poignant storytelling, evoking memories of lost love. The emotion it conveys is so raw and close to the heart that you’ll be transported to a place where sadness and beauty exist hand in hand. Let “To Trust Again” wrap you in its warm embrace.

“The Road Again” takes you on an emotional journey with its hauntingly beautiful lyrics. The first minute of the song is a minimalist masterpiece, with Soná’s voice shining like a beacon of hope. The gradual introduction of the bassline builds tension and mystery, pulling you further into the story. The hypnotic repetition of the synths creates a dreamlike atmosphere that makes the song irresistible. This track is an experience unlike any other, one that will leave you moved.

“Prey to Soldier” is a musical masterpiece, a tapestry of sound woven with the threads of passion and talent. The guitars provide a haunting melody, backed by menacing instrumentation that creates an atmosphere of danger and intrigue. Soná’s vocal performance is nothing short of mesmerizing, capturing the listener’s attention with its addictive quality. But it’s the bassline that truly shines, taking center stage with its bold and powerful presence, telling its own tale of strength and resilience. And let’s not forget the guitar work, which is simply phenomenal, elevating this song to new heights of excellence.

“Changes” is the grand finale of the EP by Soná . The entrancing female chorus only adds to the spellbinding quality of the song, creating a harmonious tapestry of sound. The guitar strings are the cherry on top, delivering a melody that is nothing short of gorgeous. After a minute, the pace of the song picks up in an unexpected and thrilling way, elevating the track to new heights of enjoyment. And as if that wasn’t enough, a spellbinding guitar solo emerges, taking the song’s already elevated mood to even greater heights. “Changes” is a musical tour de force, a song that will leave you mesmerized and entranced. “Fighting demons to love EP” by Soná is a musical journey to uncharted territories that leaves you mesmerized and entranced with its powerful riffs, captivating vocals, and spellbinding melodies.

We had an opportunity to interview Soná where he talks about his latest EP and beyond. Read on to know more.

1.    Hey Soná! Congratulations on your new EP, “Fighting Demons to Love.” Can you talk about a specific moment or experience that led to the creation of your EP “Fighting Demons to Love?”

Actually, rather than a specific moment, it is the culmination of 5 years of development and finding my sound. 4.5 years ago I left my job as a lawyer to focus on music, not because I thought I was any good but because I wanted to give myself the chance to be! I wrote and wrote, practiced, worked on everything, set up the looping and just got my head down and created as much as possible, searching for my sound. And here it is..

2.    “Calling” is such a killer opener for the EP. It really sets the mood for the rest of the EP. Can you walk me through the process of creating that introspective soundscape and what you wanted to convey with it?

Thanks! Ben Howard is a big inspiration for me, so I’d say it has a Ben Howard-ish picking pattern at the bottom, which as the song progresses forms the foundation of the song. From there I just doodled on the guitar with solos, and eventually I heard a riff I really liked, the one that is over the finger picking. It sounded a bit familiar to me, so straight up it felt good. 

The song is based on feeling isolated from my girlfriend when I had covid… we will still learning how to love and support each other. So the song starts with that deeper, slower melancholy, and then builds as does our relationship, and ends with a more “sexy” ending as the lyrics move towards reconciliation and, ultimately, physical connection! 

3. “To Trust Someone” is my favorite song on the album. “How did you tap into a melancholy emotion for “To Trust Someone,” and what was your favorite aspect of recording that track?

Again, thanks! Ahh this one seems to have struck a nice chord with many people.. it’s by far the easiest of my songs to loop… just one finger picking pattern a beat and occasionally I play some small solo stuff over it. My favourite aspect for sure was my producer’s enthusiasm for the track, he was so excited to record it. It is pretty much as is but we added some synths in the background. I just love the space, the ambience and the dreaminess you can create with some synths in the back.. so nice! 

4.    I’m really digging the vocal focus on “Prey to Soldier”‘ and how it’s backed by minimal instrumentation. Can you give me a bit of insight into why you chose to highlight your vocals in that way and how it contributes to the overall vibe of the EP?

I’m always looking for new things to do with the vocals. I’m a firm believer that by getting the rhythm of vocals right, getting it to fit with the instrumentals, is one of the biggest elements of a good song. So I really wanted to create something distinctive in the rhythm of the vocals. I also tend to write songs that build on another, adding layers and beats as it goes to reach a crescendo. The vocals here cover that, where at the start I am more subdued, setting the tone. And then as I get to the second verse the song is really starting to kick and so the vocals go up an octave! My favourite part of the song is the combo guitar/piano solo at the end tho, I go into a zone when I play that! 

5.    What was one obstacle you faced during the making of the EP, and how did you manage to push through it?

Exhaustion! I was going away to live in my van for 3 months from July, and I we were really putting in the hours to get it done. I am working a normal job 5 days a week, music still ain’t paying the bills, and so I would work my 5 day week then go and do 8 hour days in the studio every Saturday and Sunday. I was working around the clock to get this recorded and finished so I could release it when I was away. My poor gf at the time just saw me come home and collapse. But I’m so glad I pushed through – mostly through the support of my producer and gf at the time, who were very patient and supportive.. we need people in these times – and did it because releasing it has been great for me. 

6.    Can you tell us about a specific moment or experience that influenced the sound and direction of your debut single “The Road Again” and follow-up “To Trust Someone?”

Oh for sure. Well I’m a van lifer.. I spend a lot of time, around 3 months a year, living in my 1984 VW camper. So I wanted to capture my thoughts exactly about why I dod that! Actually The Road Again took me so so long to finish. I was never happy with it. I wanted to create something with those ringing piano tones, but I just couldn’t get me to work. It took me about 3 months to finish that song, about 3 times longer than normal! But the first time I performed it it had for sure the best response of my songs on the night, so I was so glad all that effort seemed worth it. 

To Trust Someone was based on the first date and subsequent dates with my ex gf. She was someone who did not trust easily. In our first date we were at a wine bar, and there was grass on the table! Hence the line, “the grass all over the table, one question is all, how long must he wait for it, how long ’til she answers his call”

7.    What inspired you to choose the moniker “Soná” for your stage name?

I made it up and then realised it was a name. One of my fave smashing pumpkins songs is Soma. So I started there. And then I thought of sońar and sonar, Spanish words for dream and also sound. So that’s a good start. So I merged the two, added the accent on the a to avoid similar artist names. Then I looked it up and realised it is a hindu word for “gold”, also “wisdom” and something you call someone who is your dearly beloved. I was like, bang on! Haha. That works 

8.    How do you see your sound evolving in the future?

After this little tour I’m going to start using a synthesiser and stack it onto the keys for my live sets. At the moment I use my Nord electro but I’m really excited to add synth. That will give me another creative outlet, I love that I can create my songs using keys, bass, guitar, piano, percussion, even vocals, and now synth. I want to find abstract layers that work together to create a coherent and enjoyable sound. I work on my voice a lot so I really expect to be in the higher ranges a lot more from now. So I’m really excited about these two things. 

9.    What’s been one of the most memorable or meaningful moments of your journey as a musician so far?

Oh man, it’s full of highs and lows! Today I woke up for the first time on tour. I’m in France, on my way to Ghent for a show there followed by Amsterdam, after London last Friday. I’d say the feeling of jumping in my van and going to play a show in another country is a really special one, one I had dreamed of. So I can go to the present and say, right now, I’m really happy and grateful to start having these opportunities, which are coming more easily now I have released a bunch of music.

10.    Any new projects in the pipeline you want to share with us?

Oh yes, well there will be a new single drop in May. That is a collaboration with a rapper called Rapture who dropped a really cool verse on it! And I plan on releasing around 8-10 singles this year, and to keep getting the live videos out there regularly because I really want to show how the music is created and played. So it will be a year full of releases for me. I’m also doing a co-write at the moment with a poet! And then launching a music collective at Paper Dress Vintage in London on May 4 where I will perform. So I’m really excited with 2023 so far 🙂 

Enjoy listening to “Fighting demons to love EP” by Soná here.

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