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V-Train is a multi-instrumentalist artist who is known for his Lo-Fi and Hip-Hop productions. His specialty in instruments include piano, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele and other percussion instruments. His discography is a vivid array of 7 singles and 3 albums in total which feels like a complete Lo-Fi playlist in itself.

V-Train has recently released his new album ‘Lo-Fi Sensation’ which is a deeper dive into the Lo-Fi realm. This is an instrumental album with each track taking you to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows throughout the album. Being a multi-instrumentalist, V-Train has beautifully executed this album with pretty strong musicality.

Track One- ‘Gone Fishing’ is the first track of the album and is a perfect intro for the album. The soothing melodies drifts you into a whole different dimension making you feel weightless. This is a perfect song to put on your headphones while working or studying.

Track Two- ‘Passing Storm’ is the second track of the album and just might have the strongest melodies of all. While listening to it, I rediscovered my love for Lo-Fi music. The music is intricately complex, structure-wise yet is calms your soul in an unbelievable way.

Track Three- ‘Calm Sensation’ is the third track of the album and as the name suggests, it calms your mind on a different level. The ecstatic vocal-chops add sauce to the track. The song has a strong compositional structure which makes me miss several heartbeats throughout the track.

Track Four- ‘My Cave’ is the fourth track of the album and it gently takes you down and then back up by the end of the track adding the perfect curve to the album. The drum rolls are heart-binding. The gentle vocals create a sense of drama in the track making it my personal favorite track on the album.

Track Five- ‘Late Night Sensation’ is the fifth track of the album and cleverly placed right after ‘My Cave to impart the maximum impact. This song is a perfect representation of how our mind wanders during the nights all comprised into a song. I really love the little touch of jazz and old-school hip-hop in this track.

Track Six- ‘Jazzy Nights’ is the sixth track and the perfect track to follow the fifth track which had a pinch of jazz. The screeches are a bit odd according to which could’ve been ignored for this track. Apart from that, the track is a bliss of feelings which is bound to make you contemplate your on consciousness.

Track Seven- ‘Wait’ is the seventh track and acts as a bridge between the whole album and the outro. The percussions throughout the track feels surreal weaving a mesh of feelings and sensations through rhythm.

Track Eight- ‘Painful Past’ is a track in the album which will send you back in time to the day when you had your first heart-break. The vocal chops used in this track is hypnotic and binds you to the song instantly. This might just be the best track of the album in terms of musicality.

Track Nine- ‘Wishful Thinking’ is the nineth track of the album. This is a like a easter-egg for all the hip-hop lovers. This is one of the most recommended tracks of the album. This is not something you should miss out on.

Track Ten- ‘Block Party’ is the last track of the album and is the best way to end this masterpiece. This track is the perfect outro I’ve been craving for.

Do not miss out on ‘Lo-Fi Sensations’ by V-Train. This is a highly recommended album for anyone who enjoys and cherishes Lo-Fi music.

Listen to ‘Lo-Fi Sensations’ By V-Train-

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