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alex kate - summer wagon
alex kate - summer wagon

Alex Kate – Summer Wagon | Balmy Melody

Summer Wagon by Alex Kate is a reminder of all things happy, calming and hopeful. The artist uses her new single to narrate stories that are close to all our hearts. Fusing retro drums with ethereal vocals, the artist dilates our mind to evoke memories of endless summers and timeless experiences. 

The intro is populated with lively pop beats that set the mood for an optimistic, upbeat and inspiring headspace and that’s exactly what the song delivers. The first thing we notice about the song is the sweet, relatable vocals of the artist that draws you into the happiness dwelling within. Soft guitar chords line the vocals, complementing and dilating the listening experience. The cheerful disposition and bright melody of the song is reminiscent of spirited fairy tale songs, full of hope, love and light. You can almost feel a light breeze weaving through your hair and playfully ruffling your clothes as the rhythm and melody make their way through you.

Carrying the anticipation of a fun and eventful summer by the coast with your friends and family, the song reminds you of youthful passion and old memories. The bridge catalogs the vacation dream using comforting guitar chords, glassy vocals and floating harmonies. Memories of summer nights, warm oceans, salty tanned skin drifts and beach carnivals drift through the mind. 

Alex Kate uses her sound to encourage listeners to dwell in dreams that live in our hearts. Summer Wagon is the perfect song for anyone in need for a reminder of the good times. Available on Spotify.

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