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Flash of Colour
Flash of Colour

Fonteray – Flash of Colour

Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist Drew McCarty (aka Fonteray) just released a new single titled, “Flash Of Colour”. Fonteray seeks to create immersive, emotional, and sonically rich soundscapes that are enchanting as well as danceable. At its core, the track is fundamentally neo-soul and synthpop but it breaks the genre barrier on many levels – a fascinating listen indeed!

The 3:39 track introduces itself with a killer intro that’s groovy, yet kind of dark. A few detuned synth elements make up the harmonically rich microtonal space here. The vocals are processed uniquely with a ton of effects that make it sound bizarre – blends in quite well with the other instruments though.

Several different sections make up this track, each with a distinctive character, so it doesn’t sound repetitive. I felt like there were too many kick drums in the chorus and they were placed in a very complex pattern – this tells us a lot about Fonteray’s sound. He’s definitely thinking out of the box and going with his gut on this track. Fonteray likes his analog synths a lot, I particularly enjoyed the synth arp instrumental bit prior to the second verse – a nice change of flow. In addition to all these distinct sounds, Fonteray has not compromised on sound quality anywhere.

“Flash of Colour” is one of the most quirky tracks I’ve heard of late. The experimental nature of Fonterey’s music might be overwhelming at the start and quite unorthodox but his sound is very special and I’m sure there’s a lot more music to be heard by McCarty soon!

Here’s “Flash of Colour” on Spotify!

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