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Velar Prana – Is It Really so Hard? | Electrifying
Velar Prana – Is It Really so Hard? | Electrifying

Velar Prana – Is It Really so Hard? | Electrifying 

Velar prana is a solo project by Clemens Gumpoldsberger. An ardent musician, Velar has always been passionate about music. Being a songwriter, producer, drummer, and violist, his music is mainly inspired by the electronic scene. His most famous song “Turn the Lights Down” took over Spotify by storm with more than 1.2 million streams. 

Velar Prana has released several singles and an album called 

“Happenings” and is now back with yet another banger “Is It Really so Hard” in collaboration with a fellow artist named “Modest Oda”. It is a classic electronic pop song that is purely fun and danceable. 

Talking about the ingredients of the song in detail. It starts with an amazing and beautiful riff on some pads and synths with a lot of little fills in between. Soon the drums kick in with a very groovy bassline and pads. The vocals begin right after the drums giving the song more life and depth. A modern electronic pop song is all about the drop and the intensity leading towards it, “Velar Prana” has made such a perfect drop for the song. The intensity and the thrill lead toward the most fun part of the song. The amazing drum beat, the beautiful vocals, and the bassline everything is just so on point and perfect. 

“Is It Really so Hard” is a song that defines ‘Velar’ and his abilities. He has made it for every club and DJ around the world, it is a song that you cannot miss dance to. 

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