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ZADAR - Julie
ZADAR - Julie

ZADAR – Julie | Post Punk Love Ballad

Philadelphia-based post-punk act ZADAR was founded by Antonio G in 2020. The band which makes dark guitar-driven music releases its latest single Julie in the classic rock style. We are greeted to a retro gloomy vibe a’ la Black Sabbath with the single artwork by Mirko Dellamonic. The cover consists of a lady clad in black with her dress forming crows on a purple background. The song is entirely produced and performed by ZADAR to great effect. The music project was named after a club in New Hope, Pennsylvania which used to play New Wave, Synthpop, and post-punk.

The song is three minutes long and manages to create a vibe that mixes together old-school goth rock with post-punk. With his roots in artists like The Cure, Interpol, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, ZADAR can’t go wrong. The song starts with a goth-style classic rock intro riff with some echoing vocals. The bass and drums kick in along with the Ian Curtis-esque vocals. While the aura in the song is eery, ironically the lyrics are quite romantic providing an interesting contrast.

The mixing and production work by James Sinclair-Stott manages to create a good arrangement. It has an apt amount of traditional post-punk feel with modern production. Antonio is currently working on his first album with singles being released as they are completed. ZADAR has had four single releases till now and it would be great to hear how his final record takes shape. Julie manages to be the perfect nostalgic post-punk song to sing to your goth lover on a date.

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