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Wild Horse – Cougar
Wild Horse – Cougar

Wild Horse – Cougar | Fun Explosion

English indie rock band Wild Horse make a mesmerizing remarkable listening experience with their latest single Cougar. Their music blends funk, pop, hip-hop beats and feels, with the classic 60 and 70s British Rock sound. With such a musical base, they don’t go wrong for even a second in their latest attempt. The song runs for three minutes and towards the end you are bedazzled!

Cougar begins with some quacky wah-wah drenched playing laid on top of long sustained synth chords. As the vocals enter in indie rock style subtle harmonies are added, and the funky guitar rhythm comps along. The chord voicings played in the pre-chorus is heavenly and shows the arrangement calibre of the band. Then the chorus drops in with the dazzling syths and leaves you bewitched. The outro features a wonderful outro vocal harmony choral outro which sounds otherworldly.with the funk laced guitars. Especially when the drums kick in, its tasty as hell! This is the compositional highlight for me for this stunning number by Wild Horse!

The band was founded in Sussex, Southern England, by brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin and closest friend from elementary school Ed Barnes. Giggins since their teens, the band has been features on scores of radio and other media including the BBC Intro Track. They have commenced recording songs with the London based The Animal Farm music label. With Cougar, Wild Hourse craft an upbeat, groovy track blending pop synths with raw indie rock energy, catchy melody and driving rhythm, perfect for fans of quirky, alternative pop-rock sound.

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