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Touch the Clouds-Tension
Touch the Clouds-Tension
Touch the Clouds-Tension

Touch the Clouds-Tension | Break the ice

Remember those clips where bands recorded their entire track in one take? I’ve seen one where Tom Petty does it. Not only does it guarantee musical proficiency, but also how much of chemistry the band has. There’s only one reason I bring this up now. Touch the Clouds have that chemistry for a one shot track record. Their latest single Tension is proof of it.

This catchy single has a nice tweed touch to the guitars, while the vocals harmonise and unite for the verse. An upbeat and happy track, it sources its melodies from such bands like Collective Soul in moments. Their poetic fluency is matched with the tempo and wild ambition of the track. What we get as a result is a track you want to loop for hours. The verse section has sounds echo to a wisp of smoke with a fragrance left behind.

Touch the Clouds has been active since 2013, and took a 7 year break after their 2015 EP Baetyl. Now their break and cut the tension with this latest track and Feeling Light, released earlier this year. Their sound has solidified to a radio friendly selection of catchy tracks. If there’s tension, you wouldn’t even feel it.

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