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"Akrasia" Apewards
"Akrasia" Apewards
"Akrasia" Apewards

With “Akrasia”, Apewards Crafts Raw Powerful Alt Stoner Blues Rock Delight

Apewards, the German stoner blues rock power trio from Marburg, Germany, has delivered an outstanding album with their latest release, “Akrasia“. Clocking in at 34 minutes with 9 electrifying songs, this alternative rock masterpiece showcases the band’s heavy sound infused with elements of psychedelia. Led by the talented trio of Nico Gehle on guitar and vocals, Lukas Plümpe on bass, and Frank Eckerle on drums and rhodes piano, Apewards impresses with their strong and powerful performances, seamlessly translated onto the record.

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Recorded during the summer of 2022 at the Studio Red Roof Loftsound, “Akrasia” was captured using a direct-to-tape approach on an analog console. This technique gives the album a raw and living rock sound, reminiscent of a live performance. The guitars possess a distorted, on-the-edge-of-breaking tone, while the warmth of the amp tubes engulfs the listener. The result is an album that truly embodies the essence of the genre.

Each track on “Akrasia” stands out in its own right, showcasing the band’s versatility and musical prowess. “Last Dance” kicks off the album with its groovy bass and guitars, setting the tone for the entire record. “Stories” demonstrates the band’s ability to craft irresistible headbangers, with catchy vocal melodies and a syncopated rhythm that hooks you from the start. It’s undoubtedly a top pick from the album. “Death Cult of Denial” is another standout track, beginning with a soft and quiet fuzzy intro before exploding into a storm of fiery riffs, rapid drums, and powerful vocals. The energy in this song is infectious, making it a phenomenal display of the band’s musical talent. “What Holds us Together is Decay” challenges listeners with a memorable riff that lingers long after the song ends.

While Apewards excels at delivering hard-hitting rockers, they also showcase their softer side with tracks like “Take the Lead” and “Akrasia.” These soft heavy alt rock ballads pay homage to the alt rock bands of the ’90s and 2000s, reminiscent of these genre’s golden era. The album closes with the serene instrumental piece, “Half an Angel,” featuring the soothing sounds of the rhodes piano, leaving listeners with a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere. While Nico on the guitars and vocals is wonderful with the memorable riffs, Frank Eckerle on drums with Lukas on bass work together as wizards making the rhythmic magic of the album possible.

“Akrasia” by Apewards is a true gem in the world of alternative rock. The band’s ability to capture their live energy on tape is commendable, creating an authentic and captivating listening experience. With insane drumming, memorable riffs, powerful vocals, and a blend of heavy and melodic compositions, this album is a feast for the ears. Apewards has undoubtedly solidified craft and fan following with this exceptional release.

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