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Stacey Jackson is a multitalented woman and her talents include being a singer/songwriter, an entrepreneur, a TV presenter, and a mother of four children. She became an inspiration to many when she rose to fame after launching her career in music at 40.  

Her debut single busted the charts and from there on Stacey went and released about 4 albums and a dozen singles. She recorded the single “Live It Up” with the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. She is known for her groovy pop music, which is heavily inspired by the 80s and 90s sound.

The latest version of her most popular song is an acoustic rendition of the groovy, fast, and pop song ‘Flipside’. The acoustic version is a blend of musicianship and the talent Stacey has because it is difficult to make a pop song sound like an emo ballad. The song starts with a slow piano with mellow chords, which is followed by the amazing vocals of Stacey. With the help of the most versatile instrument viola, it adds more depth to the song. The chorus is quite catchy but is very different at the same time. It maintains the consistency of its genre throughout the song. Apart from all these details, the song has been produced wonderfully and is written amazingly as well. 

As I talked about the difficulties of making an acoustic version of a pop song, Stacey Jackson has done some remarkable work here with Flipside. Both versions of the song are must listen. 

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