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Peppermint Moon – He She They (Remastered)

Peppermint Moon is a solo project that is written, performed, and produced by Colin Schlitt. Colin is known for his intricate melodies and vocals that run deep in emotions. He also plays bass and sings some of his songs with the alt-pop band El Radio Fantastique. His discography is a vivid display of his musical and lyrical skills, consisting of 2 singles, 2 EPs and an album. The way this amazing artist creates vibes will surely blow your minds away. The subtle yet so impactful music is what Colin features through his tracks.

I recently came across Peppermint Moon through Colin’s latest release which is named He She They (Remastered) which is a track rich in deep lyrics and music that has a whole another level of depth. The track starts of with a prolonged melody that is wavy and is joined by mellow drums and soothing guitar strums, The track surely has some great guitar strums that is uniquely blended with the synth and the drums. The way the vocals kick in left me overwhelmed. There are harmonies throughout the track that are executed with beauty. The magical vibe created by the artist escalates after the first bit when the subtle riff comes in.

This is surely a track that deserves all the love and appreciation in the world. Surely a must-listen for anyone who enjoys deep musicality intertwined with intricate musicality. The track is so addictive that it has been playing on repeat in my head.

Catch a little glimpse of ‘He She They’ here-

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