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Wotts – 6 Shooter | Kaleidoscope Fair

Wotts consists of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist “Jay” Jayem and bassist/guitarist Ricky 100. They are an indie pop act based out of Ottawa, Canada. Their latest track 6 Shooter is done in collaboration with fellow Ottawan Stefan Jurewicz’s solo act The Desert Island Big Band. While their last release Lemonade was hypnotic and buoyant, 6 Shooter is mesmerizing and gleaming in its sound and arrangement. The song is a reimagined version of The Desert Island Big Band’s song Six-Shooter with Jurewicz’s vocals. 6 Shooter is the fourth single released this year by Wotts.

We take off with catchy guitar licks and retro synths revolving around a groovy bassline hook. The chiming harmonic elements give the song a glimmering feel. Vocal harmonies are produced to give a dreamy effect. We hear laser, synths, reverby characteristics, and several other delightful subtleties in this song. The composition of the song involved compiling together various parts and sections of the song without listening to the full track beforehand. The method pays off to give a stunning reinterpretation that is distinctive but conceptually tied to the original.

The previously primarily rap band explores a range of sounds in their current music run experimenting with musical flair. The vocals and production of the song are top-notch. It’s worth spinning the song repeatedly to listen to the new sounds and new hidden gems in the arrangement. We get to hear a ton of interesting innovative sounds may it be the vocal processing or the rhythmic and melodic tones. 6 Shooter is a joyful indie-pop treat with a stunning array of sounds.

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