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MARBL Never Get Out
MARBL Never Get Out

MARBL – Never Get Out

Never Get Out is a tribute to a fresh heartbreak, wherein fragments of the other person remain embedded in your life and your soul. Indie folk-pop singer-songwriter MARBL isn’t yearning, she’s cognizant that it’s in her best interest to be free from the relationship, but that doesn’t stop the ache of a comfortable dynamic being lost. The remnants of her lost love follow her through her day and occupy her mind, haunting her thoughts like a dark cloud (literally, in the music video).

When you break up with someone you love fully, you can´t really let them go. Apparently, it happens, but there´s always a room in your heart, one only you know, where your lover still lingers in. I remember the moment I realized that he might never get thin enough to leave through the door to his room in my heart, and how I wrote it down immediately.

Never Get Out is a clean-cut and minimal production, simple with its acoustic guitar and piano harmonies to really let MARBL’s voice shine. Her singing is soothing and melodic, and she maintains an aura of calm even in the song’s highs and its chorus. The track very steadily builds up to a very dramatic emotive climax, crescendoing out into rock guitar as she confronts her emotions and realises that she can’t help but keep that little memory trapped in her heart.

This song was written not long after the latter single It´s Always Our O´clock Somewhere, and it goes together with its message, that I think a lot about lately – love is the energy of life, the answer to our constant questioning, the merging point between the random and the sacred, so when it´s over, it can´t really be over, it has to go somewhere.

A gorgeous journey to be taken on, do check out Never Get Out with its beautiful music video right here:

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