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Laurelight Rainbow Album Art
Laurelight Rainbow Album Art

Laurelight – Rainbow | pandora

Synth-pop artist Laurelight‘s third and latest release, Rainbow, is an embodiment of who he is as a person – the aftermath of the storm of brooding and melancholy pop artists, and wants to re-energise our passion for life by reminding us that beauty exists… somewhere. He infuses the track with 80s themed bass-heavy synths, almost to tease at a Village People era of music, and wraps it in a zestful pop production and a catchy hook. Laurelight cites his influences as other R&B-heavy pop artists like the Weeknd and Bruno Mars, so it’s no surprise that Rainbow is the disco/funkpop banger that it is. It’s an inviting and celebratory track pushing a message of hope and optimism, and he promises us that we’re going to see the rainbow if we stick it out. Lorenzo personally subscribes to a motto of ‘The Darker it gets, the Brighter you become’, which are reflected in every one of his productions so far, but quite pointedly on the nose in his latest. If you could use a refresher from more traditionally indie moods, check out this lovely and positive tribute to literally weathering the storm!

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