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Indie singer-songwriter MUNGMUNG’s third and newest release is this soulful indie pop track about non-committal mixed signals, a relationship that is now undercut by uncertainty as a result. A catchy lo-fi percussion loop infused with the sounds of bells and chiptune, Switch almost sounds like rippling windchimes among its intricate synthwork. It’s got a unique sound, fun lyrics and quite a snappy track, my favourite release from the indie electronic soul-pop artist so far.

It’s iconic choral ‘Why you gotta flip the Switch, like Nintendo?’ is the heart of the track, one of those lines that are just cheesy enough to live in your head rent free. It also served as the focal point for the track, full of allusions to the things in videogames – their relationship is a 1v1 between street fighters Ryu and Chun Li; its wordplay doubling up on flipping the switch and becoming a different person altogether in the face of new relationship circumstances. The track alludes to the relationship as a game, with the participants playing only to lose because of their refusal to commit again and again. Rather than play this unfulfilling game, Switch serves as an anthem to liberate oneself from the complacence of non-committal answers from someone who isn’t interested in a long term relationship.

SWITCH poses as a question about a relationship (More like “switch-uationship”) with someone who continuously shows mixed signals and complacency. It is the realisation that things are falling apart; The uncertainty slipping through the cracked front. I had the line “Why you gotta flip the Switch, like Nintendo?” encircling my mind during the whole commute to Taka’s studio. Once I went in and voiced it to him, the idea stuck and we just fell into the lo-fi-esque, dreamy, bittersweet scape.

MUNGMUNG’s music has always been a synthesis of hip hop, soul and pop sounds, and this song puts her innately fusion style on display with its smooth-flowing lyrics, peppy chiptune beats and a captivating flow. Another simply phenomenal and delicately layered production from Taka Perry following their work together on DMs, Switch is in a very similar style to their previous collaboration – if you liked that one, definitely check Switch out.

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