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Napier Days - The Sea
Napier Days - The Sea

Napier Days – The Sea | Overwhelming Emotion

Napier Days (aka Martin Kuehnert) has burst onto the scene with emotive and innovative music. Based in Berlin, Germany, the singer-songwriter expresses himself through soft drums and a sombre piano. While he performed with various acts in the past, Napier Days encompasses Martin’s more authentic side. He’s able to immerse you in his atmospheric vocals and emotional piano melodies that keep you invested in his music. The way that Napier Days plays with your emotions by slowly adding elements to the song reminds me of artists like Coldplay and Bon Iver.

His debut single features two tracks, The Sea and Blackout. Both, different from each other in various ways. However, focusing more on The Sea, we have a track that appeals to the emotional side of his listeners. The nostalgia captured in lines like On rainy days we go swimming now all your fears will drown has a universal affect. Specifically, appealing to the romantic in all of us that simply wants to escape to the deep blue sea. While the track begins with heavy piano lines and an emotive vocal line, the second the drums kick in the emotion increases tenfold.

Napier Days creates an atmosphere that acts like a bubble, slowly drifting you away from the harsh realities into a world that takes your fantasies and realises them. The Sea is the kind of track that brings all your emotions to the surface in the best way — overwhelming you with it all.

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