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Jameson Tabor - Touch | Upbeat
Jameson Tabor - Touch | Upbeat

Jameson Tabor – Touch | Upbeat

Jameson Tabor is an ardent singer and songwriter who is into the electro-pop genre and is recognized and loved for his unique and unconventional styles. He has worked with various musicians and grammy winning producers and has made a mark for himself in the music industry by creating songs that are worthwhile. 

Jameson Tabor recently released a song called Touch which is a fresh, melodic, upbeat, and charming number with the perfect feels to make your weekend right. Through exhilarating beats and an amazing pace, Touch is a song that has the perfect energy yet is also soft in some instances. And this balance of feelings gives it a great edge. 

Touch is a song that feels like fresh and makes you wanna groove to its iconic rhythm. It is a song with great soundscapes that perfectly complement a party vibe. The voice of Jameson Tabor adds a whole another magic to the song and makes you want to surrender to his magic voice. The flavourful soundscapes hit you in just the right way and make you fall in love with everything you are listening to. 

The lyrics of Touch remind you of a warm feeling that you want to feel all over again and let loose to the magic of the brilliant soundscapes.

This song has a perfect energy and shouldn’t be missed out!

Listen to the song right here:

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