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mUmbo – Rollin’ Over | Heartfelt

Rollin’ Over” is the latest single release by London-based trio mUmbo. The band was formed in 2021 by artists Doug MacGowan, Emma Semple and Anotonio Dale, and they are best known for their releases “Don’t Even Mind The Rain” and “Swing My Hip”. Inspired by classic rock, indie pop, folk and blues, mUmbo is known to create eccentric compositions that capture the essence of all their favourite genres in a very creative and engaging way. Their latest release is an uplifting track that features heartfelt lyricism and intricate instrumentation, along with Emma’s soothing vocals that shine through beautifully; a perfect addition for your Acoustic playlists!

“Rollin’ Over” is introduced with a vibrant acoustic guitar progression that sets the infectious groove of the 4:21-minute-long track well. Emma’s vocals take centre stage over the steady drum beat and deep bass melody as the track progresses with shades of melancholy, love and longing. Emma sings soothing melodies very gracefully throughout this composition and is accompanied by dynamic guitars thorughout. The band shares an overall calm sound filled with lush harmonies and reverb-y guitars, and showcases the track’s solid production and masterful mix.

mUmbo is inspired by acts like Mazzy Star, Goldfrapp and Ry Cooder, and often incorporate their relatable sounds into their compositions, along with their own unique elements. Overall, “Rollin’ Over” has a very ‘chill’ vibe and the trio carries the laid-back feel of the track excellently here.

With over 300,000 streams on Spotify alone, I think it’s only a matter of time before mUmbo starts headlining gigs worldwide. Their authentic writing style and heartfelt composition shines through on their latest release and I’m sure the fans are eager to hear more soon!

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