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Ben Flexin - Angel Year EP, Vol.1
Ben Flexin - Angel Year EP, Vol.1
Ben Flexin's Angel Year EP, Vol.1

Ben Flexin – Angel Year EP, Vol.1

Long Island/New York, NY native Ben Flexin, a gifted rapper, songwriter, and producer, made his debut on January 1st, 2023, with his EP “Angel Year EP, Vol.1.” His versatility as an artist is demonstrated by the EP’s seven songs, each of which offers something distinctive. I was thrilled to discover such an amazing artist who waves magic with his unique sound. Ben Flexin’s debut album, Angel Year EP, Vol. 1, is a refreshing take on rap music that deserves to be heard. The album features 7 tracks, each with a unique vibe and feels that showcases the artist’s versatility as a rapper, songwriter, and producer.

The opening track, ’93’ Piece Prize’, sets the tone for the rest of the album. The track is hard-hitting with amazing flows and music that touches the heart. The intro catches the listener’s attention with its dark and ambient feel that is perfectly complemented by the lyrics that are vivid and introspective. The second song, “Jamaica Ave,” begins with a lovely vocal flip that showcases the artist’s skill and sincere feeling. The ambient mood of the song is pleasantly unexpected, and the inventive flows help it stand out from the crowd. The delivery is so genuine and spontaneous that it sounds as though the rapper is talking directly to you, and the lyrics take you on a journey through the artist’s emotions which is beautiful.

In ‘One Hit Wonder’, the third track on the album, the artist’s characteristic vocal flip is on full display. Hearing the artist’s take on his personal experiences is emotionally moving and hits you deep within your core. The album’s fourth song, “The Haunting of Nickie Barnes,” is among the album’s most creative tracks. The artist uses a piece of dark melody that has an intricate musical approach that leaves you wanting more. This track beautifully showcases his excellent flow and lyrical skill. Punchy beats and a menacing flow give the song a spellbinding atmosphere that perfectly matches the profound lyrics.

“Highest in the Garment District/2 in the Freezer,” the fifth song on the album, is the ideal homage to a night out. The song is energetic and entertaining due to the catchy percussion that make the listener move along with the beat and the well-written lyrics. The sixth song, “Shordie,” is a personal favourite and one of the best on the album. The track’s soothing atmosphere and smooth sounds produce a peaceful atmosphere ideal for relaxing. This song contains elements of hip-hop nostalgia that makes it even more special.

With the thought-provoking track “Ventilation,” the album comes to a satisfying conclusion. The song’s words are profound and insightful, and it has a contemplative vibe to it. A moving and impactful conclusion is produced by the lovely music and meaningful lyrics.

Overall, this is an amazing collection of seven songs that will surely blow your mind away! Do give this amazing piece of art a go and trust me, you will fall in love with this artist’s unique perception about the world.

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