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Spirit Ritual - Flow With The Go
Spirit Ritual - Flow With The Go

Spirit Ritual – Flow With The Go

Spirit Ritual is a psych-pop band from Nashville, Tennessee. The band released its debut single, Without You in February 2020 and has since released five singles in the last couple of years. Flow With The Go is Spirit Ritual ‘s latest single that shows off the band’s uncommon outlooks on life and whimsical brand of music.

Emerging from the upside-down, the song’s funk melodies carry an unusual message of wisdom. Reversing and twisting popular idioms, the band articulates their outlier ideology with soothing musical arrangements. The mellow track is packed with quirky tunes and charming oddities. By recycling common phrases and idioms, the band repurposes them to convey fresh perspectives.

The synth melodies blossom like spring roses as the dreamy vocals swish about like a summer breeze around them. We also see beautiful loops of synth harmonies that blend into the vocalist’s unique voice texture. The lines of percussion are coated with the glistening shine of the synths and move with a fluid tempo.

Conjuring up an absurd funk reality, the song carves out unfamiliar viewpoints using familiar concepts. The song illuminates the refreshing pockets of color contained in flowing with the go.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music.

Listen to Flow With The Go by Spirit Ritual here –

Spirit Ritual – Flow With The Go

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