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C Kahari – Rolling, Floating | epiphanic bliss

C Kahari is an artist who who spins music that will put you in a trip and make your heart elevate with joy. His tracks are ambient just as we like it with some ecstatic melodies and musical elements. This is an artist who has just released 2 tracks and yet has managed to win my heart over. He made his debut in 2019 with ‘Faces + Aces’ and now is back with something so unique that it will blow your mind away. His soothing vocal texture is what makes me beg for more and I really can’t wait for him to drop more tracks.

I was amused when I came across his latest release which is named ‘Rolling, Floating’ and was so shook when I realized that this is his second song. The track sounds so good that I would easily bet my life that it belongs to someone who has at least released 20 track. The track is that good! The track has some 808s that are beautifully programmed and the way it slides is what I crave for. His vocals are beautifully executed and something to be listened to for sure! This track is surely going into my personal playlists. The subtle use of hi-hats is just so hypnotic that you will be enchanted in it’s charm. Surely a must listen for everyone who listens to music in general. This is a track which people from all different genre will love to play on repeat.

Do give this track a go, you will surely love it! Listen to the track here-

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